Tips for Switching Shorter Hair Women After 50

start exploring

look for your insipiration

Research is the first step to shorter hair. For inspiration, gather photos of people with short hairstyles. It may be a pal online or a Twitter page with trendy haircuts.

go for the right stylist

If you're going for the big haircut, you need a hairdresser who can execute your idea.

always prepare for switch routine

It's crucial to take into mind that your hair regimen could be altered.

consider a lob haircut

Not ready for a super-short pixie cut? No need. Over-50 ladies who desire longer hair should have a lob.

Consider a pixie cut

Don't be hesitant to try a pixie cut if you've always had long hair. Fuller pixie cuts can seem feminine.

you can try face farming layers

Face-framing layers make your features look amazing. After 50, adding a few to your short hairdo will soften and tighten your skin.

Participate in the bang trend

Bangs are trendy, and even over-50s may wear them. Soft, framing bangs transform any style.

get regular trims

Maintenance is more often with short hair. Compared to a collarbone-length style, a centimeter of hair on a bob is a far bigger percentage.

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