Tips To Getting $30 Off Your Next Wendy's Order This Week

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We've all been too weary to make dinner or order takeout. Luckily, food delivery services make dinner as easy as ordering on a mobile app and meeting the delivery driver.

Yet, with delivery costs, tips, and who knows what else, ordering supper through Grubhub or Doordash may be a way to save money on meal delivery.

Keep an eye on social media for pop-up offers like Wendy's $30 Doordash promotion this week.

One Twitter user said that to take advantage of the offer, you must order $12 or more via the Doordash app, add a Biggie Bag to your basket, input the promo code, and check out.

Yesterday, a Twitter user shared a $30 off Doordash Wendy's discount code.

To utilize the coupon BIGGIE, your order must include a Biggie Bag and be at least $12, according to tweet. This deal expires at 4 p.m. Pacific Time on March 31, so use it today.

Many doubted the deal was real, but some posted proof that the discount code worked.

Wendy's is expensive, but a Baconator combo costs $8. The coupon code saves $30, so buy more food than normal.

Successful code users had $2–$5 totals. Worth it, we think.

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